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Rules of our Residences

At FDAM, we want to make sure you have a safe and clean place to stay whilst studying in London. The rules are therefore pretty simple and designed to ensure every student has as good a time as possible without upsetting their neighbours or leaving us with a huge clean-up bill!

Please respect the people living around you

Noise is by far the biggest complaint we get from both students and our nearby neighbours, so please keep noise to a minimum. That means keeping your music speakers, laptop and TV at a considerate volume as well as talking quietly in the corridors, especially after 11pm. Shouting inside or outside the residence is inconsiderate. Please speak to your neighbour if she/he is disturbing you. If you have already done so without success, please use the complaint procedure outlined below.

Your Room

The room and your keys belong to FDAM and whilst we will do our best to make sure you stay in the same room throughout your stay, it may not be possible for various reasons, so we may ask you to change rooms. You can only put posters up on the provided notice boards. Please do not cello-tape, blu-tac or pin posters to the walls as this damages the paintwork and may incur a repair fee. Students are not permitted to keep any type of animal in their room, including fish. Candles, joss-sticks and hookah are forbidden in your room, the communal areas and corridors. These are a fire risk. They will be removed if found. Above all, it is your responsibility to keep your room clean and tidy. It is your responsibility to empty your own bins when they are full and to dispose of it in the correct area. Note that your room needs to be as clean as you found it. If not, you will be charged a £20 cleaning fee + VAT


You are responsible for the behaviour of the guests in your room. Guests are allowed for a maximum of 3 nights at one time, but need to be registered. To book your guests in, please sign the appropriate forms at Reception. This is a Fire Safety requirement issued by your University. Communal Area & Kitchen. A daily cleaning service is provided in the common areas (applicable only to Residents). Please note we expect all of the equipment we provide to be left with the property in working order. If not, you may be charged.


For everyone’s safety, all doors to the buildings, flats and floors must be kept closed at all times and not prevented from closing properly. Please report any doors that do not close properly.


All areas of the residences are non-smoking. This includes the communal hallways, stairwells and smoking out of the bedroom window and putting cigarettes out on the window ledge. If we find any evidence of you smoking in your room or anywhere in the building, you will be issued an official warning. Covering the smoke detector is strictly illegal. Please note that CCTV is in operation around the residences to monitor this.


It is important to keep the residence in a good condition so that everyone can enjoy the space, both now and in the future. Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated. All damage must be paid for.


Where access is required for routine inspections each tenant will be given at least 24 hours’ notice of the date, time and purpose of the visit.

Check-In / Out Times

The check-in/out times are from 10.00am until 6.00pm from Monday to Saturday. More specifically, for Furzedown Student Village and Cedars Hall the check-out is at 10.00am. If you check in or check out at the times we set, you will not be charged. Out of office hours incur a check-in/check-out cost of £25, unless you are a resident of Furzedown Student Village, where if you fail to check out at 10.00am, you will be charged a daily rate of £30. This is levied on bank holidays and Sundays. You are expected to leave the room as you found it: it must be clean and it must be tidy of all of your belongings. We will charge you for any necessary clean-up costs we incur.

Cancelling a Booking

You can only cancel your contract if a replacement is found.

When do I pay my rent?

Each tenant will be given a payment schedule, which will outline the dates on which rent is due.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent on time?

If the Tenant fails to pay Rent on the Tenancy Payment date we reserve the right to take the following action:

  • A letter is sent requesting outstanding rent;
  • A reminder letter is sent 7 working days;
  • A meeting is arranged to discuss the rent arrears in the following 7 working days;
  • Charge the Tenant a £50 plus vat charge after the third week. This charge will be charged weekly until Rent has been paid;
  • If no compliance, eviction proceedings will start.
What happens if I am having difficulties paying my rent?

You must contact FDAM immediately. If we can, we might be able to alter the payment schedule. However you as the tenant, along with your guarantor, will still remain liable for the outstanding rent.

Do I have to pay Rent if I leave early?

If you vacate or leave the property prior to the end of the term of your tenancy you cannot claim a refund on any of the rent, money or fees paid unless we can find a replacement tenant for the property. There shall also be an additional £200 administrative fee + VAT as a result of your early departure. Should you wish to amend your payment schedule before your tenancy commences, you must pay an administrative fee.

Complaints Procedure

Should you have a complaint about either your accommodation or another tenant, please notify the manager of your residence. If your complaint has not been addressed and rectified by 3 weeks from when it was raised, please contact the Sales Department by emailing: sales@finddigs.co.uk or by calling: 02073816280. Legal counsel can be provided by FDAM for any issues you may wish to raise. We also work very closely with your universities and are happy to have the accommodation officer of the university sit in on the meeting.


All the tenants need to have a guarantor who will underwrite the student’s contract. If the tenant fails to pay rent on time, the guarantor will cover and compensate the landlord against all arrears, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of that default or disclaimer. The guarantor’s liability under the guarantee will be joint and several with the tenant which means that each will be responsible for complying with the tenant’s obligations under the agreement both individually and together. The guarantor agrees to be notified of any bad behaviour, crime or grievance that might be committed by the tenant and agrees to aid and assist in mitigating against them.