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So, cooking. We all knew it was coming, the day you’d have to figure out how much pasta to boil or what exactly goes into a Sunday roast (spoiler alert, it is not cauliflower, you people are disgusting). It can get a bit much when you don’t know what to do, but luckily that’s where Foodie websites can come in. Great you think, until you read an article on one and realise it’s just the author needing to tell you about their year in Tuscany and why third pressing olive oil is all they’ll ever use from now on, whilst they forget to give you any instructions or ingredients.

Not to worry, for we have searched the internet and found the best places for you to get hearty, easy-to-make and most importantly, affordable recipes that will improve your cooking skills without breaking your budget, or patience. Grab your wooden spoons and fire up that stove you really should give a clean, it’s about to get spicy.

Tomato and lentil ragu in saucepan


It may seem strange going to a TV website first, but trust us when we say the BBC have put together an excellent Food section on their webpage, where you can find a whole range of recipes from the most basic pasta to the opulent, many coursed feasts, all using ingredients you won’t have to look further than a supermarket for.

Some of our favourites include their recipes for SPANISH POTATOES & VEGAN RAGU, simple classics that are done right and work perfectly as filling dishes after a long day at uni (or as a tasty alternative to a curry after a big night out). Packed with flavour and light on your wallet, this is a student chef’s first port of call.

Vegetarian student recipes | BBC Good Food

2. Studentrecipes.com

Want to go a bit more exotic? Why not try Student Recipes, a website built specifically for someone like you, who may not have the most money in the world but can enjoy a good international meal when the chance comes by. Their recipes for exotic favourites like GARI FOTO and NAVRATNA SALAD are serious must-tries if you’re after something to change up your palate that isn’t going to be too complicated to master.

They’ve also got a whole section on drinks for any budding bartenders. Try the KuliKKi Sarbath for a refreshing, totally alcohol-free yet extravagant experience, or if you’re brave enough try the DIRTY RED NECK. Just look at the recipe and tell us if that sounds good at all…


Gousto Prices - How Much Do Gousto Recipe Boxes cost? | Gousto


Gusto might be the next step up from these previous two, in terms of both quality of recipes and difficulty. It’s got a lot of great variety on it and can be the place to look when you’re feeling a little more culinarily confident. They’ve got a massive range of recipes you can access online for free, and also provide a delivery service, where a food package with ingredients for one meal of your choice will be delivered once a week. They’re vegan options are very good, particularly their VEGETABLE SKEWERS and PLANT-BASED STACK BURGER. Though it may seem a little daunting at first, Gusto is a great commitment to make if you’re determined to become a better chef.


There you have it, all the best recipes we recommend for your time as an up and coming chef. Let us know what you think of our selection of sources and get in touch if you think you have anywhere you can recommend.