The teachers always ask us to participate, no one stays silent, we always have to talk, talk talk, so we learn a lot.

Teresa, 16

Brazilian, Summer Student in London, Teresa

My English has improved a lot thanks to this course and now I feel more confident. London has surprised me. I realised why no-one ever gets tired of London!

Yuchen, 17


The teachers were so lovely, They put me at ease. I thought I spoke English quite well before but I have definitely learnt many new words and expressions!

Konstantinos, 16


I wish I could have stayed longer than two weeks. Classes and excursions were great an we also had free time to explore Oxford. I recommend the summer camp to anyone.

Chen Xiyuan, 16

Chen Xiyuan

My teachers were so friendly. The lessons were very interesting and I learnt a lot thanks to them! The excursions were amazing, I had so much fun! I hope I can come back.

Maria, 15


The residence is very clean and modern. Great value for money.

Luis Marcos De Vega

Spanish, Furzedown Student Village

Good location, Great people.

Pedro Caldas Castro

Spanish, Furzedown Student Village

I rang up to see if any rooms were available and was checked in on the same day!

Aaron Dunleavy

British, Furzedown Student Village

Testimonials - Student Accommodation in London

The price is really reasonable and the room is big and modern. All the facilities are working well.

Ruiting Gan

Chinese, Furzedown Student Village

FSV has great modern rooms and very reasonable priced. I am very glad with my choice and would recommend FSV to all my friends.

Hannah Puzzar

British, Furzedown Student Village

Furzedown Hall is a great place to live especially during 1st year studies because it allows you to connect with other people from around the world all in one well maintained area.

Amber Mapp

Bermudian, Furzedown Student Village

FSV is a great place to live and study. The rooms are clean and modern, around the residence you have everything you need which is very convenient.

Guoting Yang

Chinese, Furzedown Student Village

The residence is very modern with contemporary design. The rooms are equipped with everything you need and the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Anjelica Grandson

British, Furzedown Student Village

The residence is neat and the staff working hard to keep it clean. Security level is high and the presence of CCTV make it a very safe place to live. Residence staff members are always there to help tenants whenever they need assistance.

Georgios Trikkaliotis

Greek, Furzedown Student Village

Furzedown Student Village is a nice and clean residence and I would highly recommend it to all students.

Aristi Panayiotou

Cypriot, Furzedown Student Village

Furzedown is a great, friendly environment to live. The accommodation is close to all the amenities

Jack Brookes

British, Furzedown Student Village

Brilliant Rooms, very modern and sense of community. Bus to the station is a life-saver too.

James Morgan

British, Furzedown Student Village

It is a great place to live in. All the facilities in the hall are brilliant.

Henry Xu

Chinese, Furzedown Student Village

A nice community and a brilliant place to live.

David Hope

British, Furzedown Student Village

It is a great place to live because of the positive and fun atmosphere.

Corinne Dukuze

British, Furzedown Student Village

It is great living here because we are mostly from the same university. The rooms are great with lots of space!

Irene Gonzales

Spanish, Furzedown Student Village

I enjoy the residence.

Victoria Bernard

French, Furzedown Student Village

It feels like home here! Everyone is really open and connect with each other. Lots of fun activities in common room. Its just great!

Quang Mah Ngo


This is a really good place to live. Its clean and the people here are super nice. It is a good place to meet new people and have some fun.

Anette Olsen