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We are able to arrange complete programmes including tuition, accommodation, excursions and meals on a year-round basis for Junior Students aged 11 – 17.

We can put together tailor made courses for groups of junior students aged 11-17* with or without accommodation to fulfil any specific requirements you may have.

 Junior Courses – Language Courses Abroad (11 – 17 years)

English Lesson at the National Gallery in London

Our junior language courses programmes are the perfect way for young learners to improve their English, increase their confidence and develop communication skills. The programmes include plenty of opportunities for students to use English and build their knowledge with lots of interaction, variety and fun. There is also a huge range of optional activities, cultural visits, and excursions to choose from for each residential English course package.

We tailor our junior programmes to meet your exact course requirements. Each of the learning centres we use are located in secure environments and we place the utmost importance on the welfare and safety of our students.

The maximum class size is 17 students. Any closed groups larger than 17 will be divided  by level into separate classes up to a maximum class size of 17.

Every student is given a written and oral level test when they first arrive in the school.

English is the only language used in the classroom at all times. There is a strong focus on actively using English in spoken and written form, using contexts that show how the language should be used in everyday situations.

Our teachers believe that students should be as active as possible having every opportunity to practise their productive skills. The students learn by using English, working in pairs and groups and being prepared to use English in real life situations.

English Summer Camps – Learn English in the UK

At Find Education we specialise in English summer courses for groups and individual students from all over the world to learn English. These courses are held at high quality residential accommodation in London and around the UK. Each campus or college is different and has something unique to offer to our students. Our summer camps are in multiple locations across the UK:

Mini Stays in London

A mini stay is a short English course for school groups who want to learn English and visit the sights of London for one week.

Cheap English Courses in London for school groups

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* 18 years old may be accepted on junior courses if they are from the same school group.