With the end of one year and the beginning of another approaching fast, why not take this opportunity to book again with us? There are rooms available at both Furzedown Student Village and Cedar Hall for anyone looking to rebook with us for this coming September. Whether you want to stay in the same room you already inhabit or upgrade to something better, get in touch to let us know and we’ll make sure it happens.

Students who rebook with us get access to exclusive discounted rates as well on all accommodation. Rates can be requested directly on specific room types by email or phone call.

For the first time this year as well, there will be a brand new block opening at Cedar Hall: The Townhouse Double Ensuites! These luxurious rooms are perfect for any student looking to balance going out and spending time alone for studying, as they offer a large bed, desk space, private bathroom and storage spaces. With a cosy layout and distribution of rooms, the new block will feel closer to a shared flat than the other buildings layouts.

If you are interested in Rebooking with us, download and fill out the Early Bird Student Information Form from the link below. Once it’s complete send it to admin@finddigs.co.uk along with any issues or questions you might have.

Download you Early Bird Application Form 2022-2023

We hope to see you again in September!