With the hit Netflix series due to return for Series 3 soon, now seems the perfect time to ask yourself the real, important questions, like which one of the fabulously dysfunctional main characters are you? Campus life is the place to get to know yourself and others better, especially in ways you’ve never done before. With enough erotic hang-ups and insecurities to make even the toughest sex therapist sweat, here’s your chance to figure it out.

OTIS – An expert with no experience, Otis is what happens when a teenage boy has access to a library of sex books, the Karma Sutra and too much free time. You know your missionary from your reverse cowgirl (even if you haven’t had the chance to practice), you know how a condom works despite never touching one, and you know it’s very bad form to throw up on your partner’s nethers when trying to please them. You’re not out of step, just taking your time to find the right person. Just maybe don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It’s great being an astronomer, but who doesn’t want to go to space?
ERIC – Loud, proud and sure of yourself, you either are Eric or (more likely) wish you were. It may have taken you some time to get to this point, but the past is the past, and you’re here to live life as you want, now. No matter what people say or the strange looks you get, there’s nothing that’ll stop you strutting your stuff, be that on the dance floor, at a screening of your favourite film (Hedwig and the Angry Itch, obviously) or through the school corridors every day. Though sometimes your friends and family will let you down, give them time and they’ll see you for how amazing you already know you are.
MAEVE – We get it, you’re a lone wolf, a mystery recluse, the (Wo)Man with no name. There’s no messing with you when you’re angry, or even in a good mood. Independent and head strong, you get shit done and don’t need to answer to anyone else. That doesn’t mean there might not be a softer side to you, you’re just more selective about who gets to see it. Maybe someone hurt you in the past, maybe you’re not ready to let others in yet. Either way, if you’re going to grow and develop as a person, be prepared to break that icy exterior and let those around you challenge what you think of people.
AIMEE – Fun-loving and charming, you’re the life and soul of the party, everyone’s best friend and very popular with whoever it is you’re attracted to. There’s very little you haven’t tried or are open to, and there’s no sign of that changing soon (though hopefully your baking skills are better). Some might say you need to settle down and focus on one thing in life, but that’s totally not your style. So go ahead, experiment, get out there and see what’s waiting. And make sure to bring all your friends too. How else are you going to make them as interesting as yourself?
LILY – You’re looking for love and coming up short, we’ve all been there. And you’ve made a habit of looking in the wrong places. There’s nothing wrong with that, we all accelerate at different rates. Don’t feel like there’s any need to rush, you’ve got loads of time ahead of you to meet the right person, figure out what you like and grow comfortable in your own skin. You march to the beat of your own drum, and you’re your very best self when you do so rather than adapt to someone else’s idea of what’s expected.
ADAM – Maybe you’ve not had the best luck recently. Your girlfriend dumped you, your parents don’t seem to care, and everything seems far too complex all of a sudden. Whatever is causing you to feel low, maybe this is your chance to learn more about yourself, try new things and don’t be afraid to see whether you like them or not. What’s best for someone else need not be so for you, and it’s important to realise this before you spend the best years of your life trying to be someone you’re not.
OLA – Practical and direct, you know your worth and don’t suffer fools lightly. You may not know everything about yourself yet but you’re willing to try everything to figure out what stuff you like and what isn’t for you. Don’t be afraid for your journey of discovery to take you to unexpected places, even with people you’d previously never considered. Above all else, stay true to yourself and never compromise; you’ve come too far to start following other people.

Though all our heroes here are still in school, what they’re going through every day is exactly the same as what so many university students get to experience for the very first time as they leave home and begin independent living elsewhere. Discovering your sexuality and place in the world is a great experience as both a teenager and young adult. What Sex Education has managed to do is create a wide spectrum of different walks of life whilst simultaneously saying that each are valid and none are ‘the right path to follow’. As we gear up for Series 3, let’s hope that the show continues to give a realistic, poignant and (most importantly) funny rendition of those same experiences we all go through at this time of life.