What is an integration lesson?

Before travelling young students usually don’t know what to expect from the trip: “How many friends will I make?” “How much fun will I have?” “Will my English improve very quickly?”

The thing is, what’s new might be scary.

At Find Education we make our international students feel welcome and learn a lifetime lesson: integration programmes.

Integration Programmes - Nationality MIx Lesson in London

Integration means “to mix with and join society or a group of people, often changing to suit their way of life, habits, and customs”. We provide our students with opportunities to get to know each other overcoming any stereotypes, misjudgements and fears. We think integration is of the essence to expand the concept of internationalisation and will be useful not only to immediate student outcomes of comprehensive learning and cultural awareness but also to long term benefits for the individual.

During our afternoon activities a group of Chinese students visited a British primary school in London. The British students were all very excited to receive them as it’s something they’re not used to. They all attended a lesson together, making sure they were sitting next to a new friend, played their favourite games together, shared the love for arts and crafts (they made Chinese lanterns) and finally had an afternoon tea which gave them the possibility to talk about the different habits and traditions in the UK and in China. Finally they exchanged presents (and the lanterns they had just made!) and hugged goodbye. Tears were shed.

Integration Lesson in a British School

No matter their nationality, cultural and behavioural differences, they had a great time together, they were together as a whole: integration worked.

They will treasure this moment will become a lifetime memory.

Watch the video below to see some moments from our recent integration programme in London.

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