Don’t know what to do this weekend?

There are Chinese New Year Celebrations taking place all over London!

The UK’s first Chinese Lantern festival has floated into Chiswick House and Garden with a five-week programme of theatre, performances, art, light installations and more. Over 50 giant hand-sculpted lanterns are on display, including a 60 metre-long dragon stretched out across the lake. Life-sized flamingos, zebras, kangaroos and elephants reside in the Animal Kingdom and the Enchanted Forest boasts ginormous glowing mushrooms, plants and flowers. (TimeOut London)

Once you go through the gates you enter a different world. Everything slows down, while you take in the stories around you. The lanterns turned Chiswick Park into a truly magical place and you feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. For about an hour (that’s the time it roughly takes to walk through) you can take a break from everything and just enjoy the magic.

The Find Digs team ventured out to Chiswick Park to check it out and we were truly amazed, it is well worth a visit! 🙂

Chinese Lantern Festival lantern lantern 3 LANTERN 4 chinese lantern5 lantern elephants fish lantern